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About Us

The North Dakota Council on the Arts (NDCA) operates with an approximate annual budget of $1 million through the support of the National Endowment for the Arts and an appropriation from the North Dakota State Legislature. Over 75 percent of the NDCA budget is awarded to organizations and individuals through various grant programs.

In addition to the grant programs, the NDCA also supports the State Tree Lighting Ceremony each December, a biennial State Arts Conference and Artist's Showcase, and the biennial Governor's Awards for the Arts. The NDCA also partners with a variety of state agencies and non-profit organizations throughout the state in the presentation and support of arts-related programs.


It is the mission of the North Dakota Council on the Arts to promote, preserve and perpetuate the arts in North Dakota.


  • Deepen citizen arts and cultural engagement through the development of strong leadership.
  • Enable community to community grass-roots arts advocacy engaging citizen participation and cultivating increased government and public support.
  • Broaden strategies for advancing the arts in Pre K–12 education in North Dakota.
  • Expand and deepen partnerships that enhance North Dakota Council on the Arts' ability to assist artists and arts organizations shape North Dakota communities.

NDCA’s Promise

To use the power of the arts to enhance the vitality of North Dakota through:

  • Cultural Traditions in North Dakota
  • Pre K-12 Academic Success
  • Accessibility for All Citizens
  • Economic Development
  • Quality Art Experiences
  • Support of Artists and Arts Organizations


The North Dakota Council on the Arts envisions North Dakota as a state in which:

  • Artists are valued as members of their communities and encouraged in their creative expression.
  • The arts are recognized as an essential educational tool - a tool that assists youth in reaching their full potential through creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Artistic quality is recognized and promoted in every performance and presentation.
  • Cultural diversity is promoted and valued for its role as culturally diverse community members add richness and excitement to the lives of all citizens.
  • A network has developed through which citizens from all walks of life are made aware of the availability of art opportunities and benefits.
  • The arts are recognized as a valuable partner in building the state's economy and enhancing daily life by other state agencies, businesses, organizations, and the general public.

Strategic Plan

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