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Grant Program Descriptions

All NDCA grants (with the exception of Traditional Art Apprenticeship, and Artist in Residence New Artist) are only available online.
To apply for a grant, or for more information, please visit:

**ALL organizational applicants who apply for a grant from the NDCA are now required to register for a DUNS number online before receiving grant funds. The process for registering is simple and easy and only takes a few minutes. To register visit

**How has the North Dakota Council on the Arts benefited you and/or your community? We would love to know! Send your comments to**

Artist in Residence. The Artist in Residence program provides matching funds for schools and other non-profit organizations to bring artists into North Dakota schools and communities to conduct residencies of three days or longer. This program is designed to provide students, teachers, and community members with hands-on experiences and personal interactions with working artists. Residencies give students an understanding of quality art and appreciation for cultural traditions. Guidelines are available via this link.

Artist in Residence: New Artist. If you apply directly to the North Dakota Council on the Arts you must submit the documentation listed here. If you partner with a school or non-profit organization, they will write the initial Artist-in- Residence grant, and submit the appropriate documentation with the sponsor's (the sponsor can be the school or a non-profit organization) grant application. Artist in Residence New Artist Application is available via this link.

Community Arts Access. As a community-based grant program, Community Arts Access is designed to benefit nonprofit organizations that present arts programming in small and rural communities in North Dakota. It also supports nonprofit organizations in communities of all sizes whose arts programming makes a deliberate and focused effort to serve a special constituency or an underserved audience in that community. Guidelines are available via this link.

  • Grant Amount: Requests may not exceed $2,000.
  • $1,000 is the minimum request (if $950, or under, please apply through the Special Projects grant program).
  • Deadline dates: April 1 and November 1

Folk and Traditional Art Apprenticeship. The Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program is designed to honor and encourage the preservation of North Dakota's diverse living traditions by providing grants that allow master traditional artists to pass their skills and knowledge to apprentices on a one-to-one basis over an extended period of time. Program guidelines are available via this link; program application is available via this link.

  • Maximum grant: $2,500

Individual Artist Fellowship. The Individual Artist Fellowship program recognizes practicing artists residing in North Dakota with a monetary fellowship award. This program is designed to support professional artists with outstanding talent and ability to improve their artistic skills and enhance their career opportunities. Fellowships for traditional arts, dance, and theater are available in 2014; visual and media artists in 2015; and fellowships for literary and musical artists will be available for 2016. Guidelines are available via this link.

  • Award amount: $2,500
  • Deadline date: May 1 (for activities taking place July 1-June 30)

Institutional Support. The Institutional Support program is designed to benefit artists, arts organizations, and the general public. The program provides general support for local arts councils and other non-profit organizations that provide artistic performances, exhibitions, publications, classes, workshops, and special events in all arts disciplines. Guidelines are available via this link.

  • This is a three-year grant program with applications accepted again in 2016.

Presenter Support. Presenter Support is designed to benefit nonprofit organizations that are not eligible for other grant programs through the North Dakota Council on the Arts, offers financial support for arts events and programming, and supports organizations in communities with a population of 6,000 or more. Guidelines are available via this link.

  • Maximum grant: $2,000
  • Deadline date: April 1 and November 1

Professional Development. This grant program offers financial aid for, but not limited to, arts organizations, individual artists, arts educators, and educational institutions who wish to take advantage of informational, educational, and training opportunities relating to the arts and arts development. Guidelines are available via this link.

  • Maximum grant: $500
  • Deadline date: at least four weeks prior to event

The STE[A]M Team Grant Program is a means of providing financial assistance, time, professional development, and support to teacher/artist teams committed to teaching the whole student and nurturing both sides of the brain to enhance creativity and 21st Century thinking and learning. STE[A]M Teams work with NDCA Instructional Coaches over a three year period to: Build collaborations between teachers and artists; Increase capacity of both teachers and artists for teaching in and through the arts; Develop and implement curriculum that is intentional and bridges the concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math,) [A]RT and/or Core Curricula (language arts, history, social studies, geography); Implement reflective teaching practice as a tool for inspiring change, innovation and collaboration; Earn up to 3 North Dakota Multi-Campus Graduate Credits per-year. Guidelines, program overview and FAQ's are available via this link.

  • STE[A]M Teams Grant Program Time Frame/Deadlines Application deadline: Applications must be submitted for year one applicants by April 1; and for year two and three applicants by June 1.
  • Notification: Year one applicants will be notified of funding status by May 1; year two and three applicants will be notified by July 1.
  • Grant period: Grants begin July 1 and end June 30.

Special Projects. Special Projects grants provide an opportunity for organizations to initiate new projects without delay and to take advantage of possible touring events. The matching funds may be 75% cash and 25% documented in-kind services and contributions. Guidelines are available via this link.

  • Maximum grant: $1,000
  • Deadline date: at least four weeks prior to event

Teacher Incentive. The Teacher Incentive Grant Program is a means of providing financial assistance to teachers who wish to explore new and creative ways of integrating the arts in their classroom. Projects are teacher driven and may involve the visual arts, literary arts, performing arts (drama, music, dance,) architecture, design, folk arts, or any combination of artistic disciplines. Guidelines are available via this link.

  • Maximum grant: $300
  • Deadline dates: April 1, deadlines to be revised as of July 2014.

Applicants should contact the Council staff with any questions at (701) 328-7590 or email

**Need help with your program evaluations? Getting Started with Program Evaluation: A Guide for Arts Organizations is a valuable resource for any organization funded through a state or federal grant. This information will help you understand, and assist you in your program evaluations.
This document was produced by, and is courtesy of, the Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA).

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