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600 E Boulevard Ave
Dept 113
Bismarck, ND 58505-0120

Phone · 701.328.3290
Fax · 701.328.1475
Email · hrms@nd.gov

Employment Verification · 701.328.2677

ConnectND PeopleSoft Projects

PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions 9.2

A new project is getting underway to enable online employment applications. This project is an enterprise implementation of  Recruiting Solutions and will
begin in mid-May, with a go live planned for January 2014. This project will encompass State Agencies.

Candidate Gateway

PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions is comprised of Candidate Gateway and Talent Acquisition Manager. The two modules work in concert to address agency recruiting challenges. Candidate Gateway helps your agency eliminate the hassles and delays that are normally associated with employee recruitment. By using Candidate Gateway instead of a paper-based process, your agency can be the first to make a competitive offer to a top candidate.

Talent Acquisition Manager

Transforms the way you recruit employees, streamlining the complex task of recruiting for recruiters and hiring managers. In one location, managers and recruiters can create and submit requisitions for open positions, screen applicants, and hire and onboard best-fit candidates. From needs assessment through
the hiring process, Talent Acquisition Manager and its included dashboards create a seamless experience for hiring managers and recruiters.

Agency involvement

Agency involvement is being solicited. Primary duties as the Agency Lead would be to act as the point of contact to disseminate information to the agency about Recruiting Solutions and represent the agency's needs for configuration and requirements.

Darin Schorsch, HRMS Business Lead, 328-3347

PeopleSoft HUBS!

The My Page as you know it was updated to the Employee Hub and Manager Hub on 3/28/2013. All the features that you’re familiar with will still be there, along with a few additional ones like State Employee Directory to give you a more robust experience. 

PeopleSoft Talent Management  

PeopleSoft Talent Management Suite – Went live 4/16/2012.  The following functionality was implemented in the project.

The new PS 9.1 ePerformance module will now enable strategic goals and objectives to be driven downward in the organization. The Business Objectives Chart is a new interactive graphical tool that allows higher level objectives to be cascaded downward through the organization. This new capability should make agency directors very happy, their department managers happier, and their employees will gain insight of how the agency’s goals relate to them and their performance.


Profiles can be created for employees through self-service, manager self-service or administrator access. Profiles include such information as: Competencies, skills, certifications, licenses (and their expiration dates), education, professional memberships, project participation, and any other item the State wishes to track.

Career and Succession Planning

Planning careers enables you to retain and motivate employees by providing structure for development activities focused on advancement. Succession planning is the process of identifying the long range needs and cultivating a supply of internal talent pools to meet those needs.

Manager HR Desktop

eProfile Manager Desktop Overview
eProfile Manager Desktop is a collaborative application that gives managers greater input and  control over employee information. With eProfile Manager Desktop, managers in agencies can perform routine tasks necessary to manage direct reports.  eProfile Manager Desktop supports the following business processes:

• Review employee information. (Non-Public information listed: Home & Mailing address, phone numbers, date of birth, emergency contacts)
• Initiate change of employees' reporting manager.
• Initiate transfer of employees.
• Initiate promotion of employees.
• Initiate change of employees' location.
• Initiate change of employees' full-time or part-time status.
• Initiate retirement of employees.
• Initiate termination of employees.

Agency involvement

Agency involvement is being solicited. Primary duties as the Agency Lead would be to act as the point of contact to disseminate information to the agency about the Talent Management suite and represent the agency's needs for configuration and requirements.

Darin Schorsch, HRMS Business Lead, 328-3347

Enterprise Learning Management (ELM)

ELM is an internet-based training management solution that allows agencies to manage their learning information in a central location. Users can sign up for classes in three ways:  through employee self service which automatically routes to supervisors for approval, through manager self service where managers are able to enroll employees or by someone else the manager has identified as a learning administrator to enroll learners. Agencies have the ability to upload online, web-based, and instructor-led training and information.

ELM is active and state employees have enrolled 135, 365 times in the 6,821 different classes offered (statewide) in the last 2 years.

Information on ELM Simulations

ConnectND ELM Security Access Request Form

Contact: Tricia Bartell, HRMS Training Officer, 328-1632

User Productivity Kit (UPK)

UPK is a simple tool used to record the navigation of a PeopleSoft or non-PeopleSoft application. The business process of using the tool is: an agency lead works in a PeopleSoft application or other application, clicks the record button, and UPK records what they are doing. This is called creating content.  Those clicks, navigation, and things being filled out are recorded as a job aid for the transaction once they are published to the system.

A person that is learning a PeopleSoft application can then click on the help icon and UPK is there to show them what to do to complete the task by replaying the recorded content, such as (Enter employee ID here),   (Enter invoice number here), etc.  This tool also has the capacity to record audio to supplement training and task completion.   We are using UPK within the ELM project to develop training materials for deployment, and it shortens the overall implementation time of the ELM project.

This tool is being used at this time.  The UPK user group meets on a monthly basis.

Contact: Tosha Werner, CSD, 328-1729; Lynn Shannon-Gall, OMB, 328-1485; or Steve Goroski, Product Manager, ITD, 328-4308

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