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Please read this entire page before submitting your renewal application. In order to maintain an insurance producer license, every insurance producer, regardless of lines of authority, must biennially by the last day of their birth month:

• Complete a renewal application
• Pay the $25 fee

View expiration dates.

Please note that there is no grace period after the due date. If not renewed before the expiration date, your license and appointments will be cancelled and you will have to reapply with an initial application and $100 fee.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you answer all questions completely and disclose all information requested. You must report anything not previously reported to the Department. In addition to the information requested on the application form, licensed insurance producers are requried to report to the Commissioner within 30 days any administrative actions or any criminal conviction in any jurisdiction (N.D.C.C. § 26.1-26-45.1). This requirement to report does not allow you to exclude any criminal convictions. Please read Bulletin 2009-2. If you have any questions about what needs to be reported or disclosed, contact the Department before submitting your application.

The continuation fee is $25 and the NIPR electronic transaction fee is $5 for a total of $30 which can be paid by credit card. Click here to go to Electronic Non-Resident Licensing Renewal. Read the instructions carefully.

Hints for completing the electronic renewal

  1. You do not have to complete the section asking about your agency or business entity affiliations. This is not required for North Dakota.
  2. Your addresses cannot be updated by making changes on the renewal application. If the addresses are wrong or incomplete, file a separate address change request. File an electronic address change (no charge), or print out the paper address change form and mail or fax to the Department.
  3. If you are completing the application for yourself, you check the "producer" box. If you are completing the application for someone else, you must identify yourself as an authorized submitter and complete the information requested.

After your application has been approved, you can confirm your new license expiration date on the website's agent/agency search.

You can print your license free of charge at https://sbs.naic.org/solar-external-lookup/license-manager.

Please note: The biennial continuation process described above is for individual licenses only. North Dakota non-resident business entity insurance producer licenses are perpetual without any renewal or continuation as long as the entity: 1) has at least one designated responsible individual producer who holds an active North Dakota insurance producer license for the lines of authority on the business entity license and 2) maintains its resident insurance producer license (if its home state issues insurance producer licenses to business entities).

North Dakota Insurance Department
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North Dakota Insurance Department
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