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No matter what month the calendar displays, there’s good reason to fall in love with North Dakota. Spring, summer, fall and winter all give the people here something to look forward to. Take a stroll through the seasons below and you’ll see why North Dakotans eagerly anticipate and welcome each one.

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There’s nothing like the spring fever you get in North Dakota. As the prairies and grasslands are color washed by a full palette of glorious hues, a similar transformation takes place in our people. Spring, with all its flirtatious promises awakens the soul just as prairie grasses and wild roses poke through the sleeping earth. Willa Cather once said that “Anybody can love the mountains, but it takes a soul to love the prairie” and springtime in North Dakota is love at first sight.



Some of summer’s best moments happen on the water. Canoeing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding have become some of the fastest growing activities in North Dakota’s great outdoors.

The sound of a paddle dipping into the clear, cool water rushing under the boat lulls you into a trance. The songs of birds, an occasional splash of jumping fish and the breeze fluttering the waxy leaves of the giant cottonwood trees add to the beauty.

Spectacular summer sunsets and sunrises provide a backdrop for the buttes and rolling prairies in the west, the central Missouri River Valley, and the eastern Red River Valley and call out as if to say “This is summer in North Dakota. Enjoy.”



Nature’s unaltered glory is on full display in the fall. When the air turns crisp, North Dakota becomes flush with brilliant fall foliage and a new set of outdoor activities. Brisk Friday nights on the gridiron, colorful pumpkin patches, sprawling corn mazes and festivals with as much variety as the autumnal palette—these are the days that make life special in North Dakota. Grab your hiking boots, binoculars or hunting gear, take a deep breath and fall in love with harvest season!



In North Dakota, we don’t run from winter, we embrace it. Its white blanket covering the countryside is an open invitation to do the things we love: downhill ski and snowboard, cross-country ski, ice fish, skate, play hockey and snowshoe. Here, every snowflake that falls is ready to help tell a new winter story.

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