Saturday, November 11, 2023 - 09:02am

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum released the following statement today in observance of Veterans Day.

“The current conflicts overseas and the crisis on our own southern border are daily reminders that a strong military is absolutely necessary to maintain peace through strength, and that has only been possible through the service and sacrifice of our military veterans and their families,” Burgum said. “The more than 50,000 veterans in North Dakota and the more than 16 million veterans across our great country deserve our deepest gratitude and support on Veterans Day – and every day – for their courageous service in defending our freedoms and protecting our nation and its citizens at home and abroad.”

As commander-in-chief of the North Dakota National Guard and the son of a World War II Navy veteran, Burgum has worked with the state Legislature to enact laws and policies that have made North Dakota one of the best states for veterans and a Top 10 state for military retirees. Continuing efforts to make North Dakota the most military-friendly state in the nation were bolstered by several pieces of legislation signed by Burgum during last spring’s legislative session, including bills that:

  • Exempt military pay from state income tax for active duty, National Guard and Reserve members, building on legislation signed in 2019 that exempted military retirement pay. 
  • Allow North Dakota National Guard members who attend college out-of-state to qualify for State Tuition Assistance.
  • Allow child care providers licensed by the U.S. Department of Defense to operate in North Dakota with their DOD license and without redundantly being licensed with the state. 

Burgum also pushed for funding for a North Dakota Military Museum, and the Legislature approved a $20 million dollar line of credit to be matched with private donations. The funding will be used to build a state-of-the-art military museum, attached to the North Dakota Heritage Center and Museum, to honor all North Dakotans who have served in the Armed Forces.