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The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced the latest campaign efforts behind the state’s comprehensive workforce initiative geared at assisting those interested in relocating to North Dakota. 

Centered around the revamped findthegoodlife.com website, Find the Good Life in North Dakota has been refreshed and is the latest talent attraction and marketing campaign dedicated to informing people outside of the state about job opportunities and the quality of life in North Dakota, with an emphasis on connecting people to opportunities in rural areas.

The website now includes a relocation help desk that provides a personalized relocation assistance service for prospective residents. The personalized service begins with a series of questions that include basic information pertaining to relocation such as career goals, hobbies, and interest in specific areas of North Dakota.

"The Relocation Help Desk will provide every prospective resident of North Dakota a totally personalized experience, with the real-life community and career support they need to make their move,” RoleCall Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Winona Dimeo-Ediger said. “North Dakota is the first state to approach talent attraction in such a proactive, personal way, and we're already seeing an incredible response from people around the country. This program is a perfect combination of kindness and innovation." 

The initiative also includes strategic marketing that will target four personas: boomerangs, young families, recent college graduates, and veterans to drive traffic to the refreshed website. The target audience will be reached through ad placement on Connected TV, a channel that is accessible on all devices: mobile phone, laptop, desktop, television. A geo-conquesting tactic will also be implemented to target specific locations such as colleges, miliary bases and job fairs.

“Our targeting strategy enables us to identify defined audience lists across target markets,” Commerce Workforce Development Director Katie Ralston Howe said. “Audiences in the plan align with the personas identified by our partnership with RoleCall.”

Follow Find the Good Life in North Dakota on social media on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FindTheGoodLifeND, on Twitter at https://twitter.com/goodlifeND or LinkedIn at  https://www.linkedin.com/company/find-the-good-life/.

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