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The Life Skills and Transition Center (LSTC) in Grafton announced visitor restrictions today to protect the health and well-being of individuals living at the state-operated, comprehensive support agency for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. No visitors will be allowed for the next 30 days. In addition, home visits by people served at LSTC have been canceled.

The center is using a health screening tool for employees and will continue to monitor the risk to individuals for coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission. The LSTC will re-evaluate its visitation policy again on April 15.

The individuals supported by the center can continue to communicate with friends and family by phone, computers or other electronic devices. In addition, all team meetings for people will be conducted by telephone or Skype.

The goal is to limit transmission of the virus. To date, North Dakota has had one individual test positive for COVID-19, but the case did not involve community transmission.

The center appreciates the cooperation and understanding of the individuals it serves, their families and guardians, staff and the public.

The LSTC is accredited by the Council on Quality Leadership and supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be viable members of their communities by providing specialized services when their needs exceed community resources.

LSTC currently serves 64 individuals on the campus and nine others in supported living arrangements in the community of Grafton. Center staff serve other individuals in communities across the state through specialized consultation, outreach services and support.

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