Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 10:12 am

As far as travel trends go, we’ve seen a road trip renaissance throughout this pandemic. Driving in a personal vehicle is the safest way to get around and experts say to look for a continued rise in road trips this year. In conjunction with the road trip trend is the growing desire to visit rural destinations. According to Forbes, “search data showed that nearly 90 percent of overall searches in 2020 were for trips to rural areas. 

North Dakota is well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and now has a new Road Trip Guide featuring inspiration and resources for this year’s visit to our state. Discover the best routes through vibrant cities, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, historic attractions, the great outdoors and more. Scan smart codes throughout the guide to find more information online.  

In addition to the guide, North Dakota Tourism will present a “featured road trip” each month that includes exciting things to see and do, quaint places to stay and unique dining found along each popular route. Let this be your starting point for a multi-day adventure through your own “back yard.” 

There is also a new North Dakota Road Trip playlist filled with hits from North Dakota artists, performers coming to our concert venues and other tracks to set the tone for your road trip at https://belegendary.link/NDRoadTripPlaylist.  

Start making plans for your legendary road trip through North Dakota this year at  https://belegendary.link/RoadTrips.