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Census 2020

The Stutsman County Census Committee has launched a local campaign aimed at encouraging participation in the 2020 Census.

According to a press release, the committee has partnered with the Great Plains Housing Authority to develop a series of videos to educate and encourage residents to participate in the upcoming Census. The Census, which occurs every ten years, counts every citizen and the US and play major roles in business development, allocation of government dollars, and many other programs.

The video series is geared towards university students and community leaders, but have a broad focus. The campaign also includes advertisements in local movie theatres to educate the population.

Local groups and organizations can request members of the Census committee to speak to their groups. This can be done by contacting Pam Phillips at Jamestown City Hall or Nicole Meland at Stutsman County Offices.

The Census is still in need of people to assist with the Census through temporary, part-time jobs. For more information, visit the Job Service North Dakota website.

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