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Economic/Community Development Ecosystem Map

This Economic/Community Development Ecosystem Map illustrates the network of entities supporting development in North Dakota at the local, regional, and state level.  Development is unique to each community and organizations included in this map have broad and varying missions. Local organizations were considered “economic/community development” groups if their mission included at least one of the following elements: business, community design/improvement, job development, infrastructure, marketing, or local livability. Groups focused solely on event planning or school district fundraising were not included.  The map also displays several different economic “zones” (like Opportunity Zones, REAP Zones) in their own layers to aid in understanding where location-specific development resources are available. 

There are three goals for this resource:

  1. Facilitate partnerships and build the capacity of our state's economic development network.
  2. Identify gaps in service and areas with less access to economic development services.
  3. Understand the makeup of our state's economic development ecosystem.

The interactive map has multiple layers, with each layer falling under one of four area types: state, county, city, and tribal nation.  Organizations are placed into a layer based on the area that they cover.  For example, an organization that is city specific will only be found on a city-based layer, a county specific agency on county-based layers and so on.  It is also important to note that organizations are placed in the areas they cover and not necessarily just the area where they are physically located.  Some organizations cover multiple areas (like cities, counties) and therefore, may be found in more than one place.  However, their contact and location information will remain the same throughout. 

Disclaimer: This interactive map is not meant to be used for directions or as a definitive place for things such as county and/or city lines.  While it does incorporate the most up to date information available it is strictly a tool to help understand North Dakota’s economic/community development “ecosystem”.

This tool is by no means a definitive and complete list of all economic/community development organizations in North Dakota.  However, it will be continuously updated with the hopes of achieving that goal.

This map is representative of the state of Economic Development in North Dakota as of the time it was created. The list of organizations may change over time. If you know of an organization that is not represented on this map, please contact ND Dept of Commerce by filling out and submitting the form below.

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